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SANORS Holding Company

In 2011, the holding consolidated 3 enterprises of the Novokuibyshevsk petrochemical cluster.

Business Strategy. “Our goal is to create a modern enterprise producing commercially viable products,” said Igor Soglaev, President of OOO SANORS Managing Company.

We Care about the Environment. Environmental safety and care for human health are among the Company’s top priorities; the Company’s Environmental Policy is an integral part of our mission and development strategy.

Careers. Our employees are the foundation for building the SANORS Holding Company.

We are located at: OAO SZSS Site, Novokuibyshevsk, Samara Oblast, Russia, 446203

Mailing address: OAO SZSS Site, Novokuibyshevsk, Samara Oblast, Russia, 446203

Main Directory: Tel. +7(84635)3-09-09, +7(84635)3-12-09

Cooperation: Dear visitors,

Please note that commercial bids are reviewed only if submitted in writing on an official form by mail or fax. We do not review commercial bids sent by email.

Fax: +7(846)276-35-93 E-mail: info@sanors.ru

SANORS, a petrochemical holding company, was established on 29 April 2011 through the consolidation of three chemical enterprises in Novokuibyshevsk in the Samara Oblast: ZAO NNK (established in 1964), OOO SamaraOrgSintez (established in 1961) and ZAO Neftekhimia (established in 1957).

When the three companies merged, OOO SamaraOrgSintez produced phenol and acetone; ZAO Neftekhimia produced synthetic ethanol; and ZAO Novokuibyshevskaya Neftekhmicheskaya Kompaniya produced para-tert-butylphenol (PTBP) and IM-2201 catalyst. The CGFU-3 gas fractionation unit and isoprene production facility were removed from service in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

In June 2011, all three production plants began a scheduled technical upgrade and modernization of production facilities – both active facilities and those that had previously been shut down – under the production efficiency improvement program, with the aim of increasing the Company’s commercial output and improving the quality of its products.

The following upgrades are planned for the SamaraOrgSintez plant:

— install a propylene concentration unit to produce commercial propane

— upgrade the phenol production facility and install a commercial alpha-methylstyrene separation unit

— upgrade and restore existing phenol and acetone production facilities in order to achieve better production efficiency

The following upgrades are planned for the Neftekhimia plant:

— carry out a complete overhaul and install new equipment

— reconstruct the auxiliary synthetic ethanol production hydration system

— upgrade the hydrocarbon pyrolysis unit and the ethylene, propylene, and butylene-divinyl production facilities

The Novokuibyshevskaya Neftekhmicheskaya Kompaniya plant is also scheduled for modernization, and new production facilities will be opened:

—The Central Gas Fractionation Unit (out of service since August 2010) will be put back into service and the necessary equipment will be replaced.

— The inactive isoprene production facility (out of service since November 2008) will be upgraded in order to prepare for TAME (tert-amyl methyl ether) production and BCF (benzene-containing fraction) processing.

The establishment of SANORS petrochemical holding was a milestone in the history of Novokuibyshevsk and the entire Samara Oblast, and the significance of this event can hardly be overestimated. The city of Novokuibyshevsk was founded as a “chemists’ city”, and the new holding provides opportunities for developing the local petrochemical industry. For the first time in many years, plans for reconstructing existing plants and opening new ones are being put into action.

“We are interested in cooperating with large holdings that operate in the city and oblast in order to form a petrochemical cluster,” said Igor Soglaev, President of OOO SANORS Managing Company.

Sustainable Development

SANORS is a group of companies that specializes in producing petrochemical and organic synthetic products. The SANORS Holding Company was established in April 2011 and includes three petrochemical plants located in Novokuibyshevsk, namely ZAO Neftekhimia, OOO Samaraorgsintez, and ZAO Novokuibyshevskaya Neftekhmicheskaya Kompaniya. All of them have been well known for their production for more than 50 years, both in Russia and abroad.

We are carrying out a strategy of modernization, sustainable growth of production capacity, and expansion of organic synthetic and petrochemical product output. Environmental and social responsibility are among our top priorities.

Corporate Citizenship

Today we employ a socially responsible approach, which is helping to improve the socioeconomic situation in the region. We also strive to reduce negative human impacts on the environment.

SANORS assigns vital importance to the social issues of environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

The Company also dedicates considerable attention to fitness: many of the Company’s employees actively participate in city sporting events. We are also working on creating a Company youth organization.

The Company oversees the disbursement of funds allocated for social events and charity in order to ensure they are spent wisely and for the intended use. All donations by SANORS are specifically targeted.

Occupational Health and Safety

One of the first actions after the holding was established on 29 April 2011 was to develop and approve action plans to improve labor conditions and ensure industrial safety. The action plans include legal, administrative, organizational, and technical measures for ensuring occupational safety and creating a health and safety training system.

Health Services

The main objective of the Holding’s medical service, in conjunction with the occupational health and safety service, is to safeguard the life and health of Company employees.

The Holding’s medical service consists of two Company clinics.

Paramedic services are available 24 hours a day.

Medical facilities are equipped with everything required for emergency medical treatment, including an ECG, artificial respirators, and a heart monitor.


An effective environmental management system is a crucial factor, closely related to the quality management system, for achieving the Company’s main goals.

Since the Company’s production facilities are located close to Novokuibyshevsk, the main priority of the Company’s environmental policy is environmental safety, which is directed at three main objectives: protection of air, soil and water. The latter includes wastewater quality control, wastewater reclamation and neutralization (water treatment plants), and monitoring of water pollution.

The Company’s environmental protection system meets the requirements of Russian laws. Accredited laboratories monitor environmental conditions in accordance with approved analytical monitoring plans.

In compliance with the requirements of Russian laws, the Company is also building an industrial waste handling system. Under our waste handling system, all waste is recorded and removed by independent departments.

In order to ensure reliable measurements for environmental monitoring, we purchase modern equipment and regularly test laboratory technicians and chemical engineers who take measurements and process data. Moreover, the Company applies new methods for detecting toxic contaminants in the air, including both existing contaminants and potential contaminants that may appear after reconstructing facilities, using new catalysts, etc.

The SANORS approach to environmental protection is based on the following key principles:

- Environmental improvement is necessary and possible.

- Investment in innovation is the foundation of this improvement.

SANORS uses environmentally friendly technologies and modernizes its plants to greatly reduce our environmental impact.