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About company

SANORS is one of the leaders of Russian petrochemical industry.

The Holding Company was established in 2011 by merger of the largest enterprises of petrochemical industry of the city of Novokuibyshevsk, the Samara Region.

SANORS is the largest producer of gas treatment, petrochemistry and organic synthesis products on the territory of Russia and the Eastern Europe. In three years the management of the Company combined the long experience of the petrochemical industry of the region with the advanced practices and technologies of the world leaders and by this the strong basis for sustainable development was laid.

Today there are the following successfully functioning productions of basic petrochemistry within SANORS:

- Production of liquefied hydrocarbons

- Production of TAME and benzene

- Production of phenol, acetone, and alpha-methyl-styrene

- Production of ethylene and synthetic ethanol

- Production of alkylphenol (PTBP)

- Production of catalysts

- Production of industrial gases

The list of products which are produced by SANORS includes more than 50 items. Delivery logistics includes more than 20 countries. The Company has a well-developed and absolutely independent transport and energy infrastructures as well as a system of environmental protection. At the moment the Holding Company provides work for more than 5,000 people. The perspective task for the Holding Company is to build a petrochemical complex of the world class the goal of which is import-substitution, production of competitive, highly liquid products. Realization of this large-scale project is planned in collaboration with OJSC Oil Company Rosneft. Strategic agreement with Rosneft was signed on 23rd May, 2014, at St.-Petersburg International Economic Forum.